Equipment & Technology

500 V .Insulation tester 4 nos
1000 V. Insulation Tester 2 nos
5000 V. Insulation Tester 1 no
Portable Voltmeter 2 nos
Portable ammeter 2 nos
Multi meter 2 nos
Tong testers 3 nos
Earth Tester with testing accessories 1 no
Phase sequence Meter 2 nos
Frequency meter 2 nos
PF meter 1 no
Hydraulic Crimping tools 2 nos
Hand crimping tools 3 nos
Welding generator sets 4 nos
Portable grinders 3 nos
Portable Drilling machines 3 nos
Rollers for cable laying 4 nos
Cable drum lifting jacks 2 nos
Blow lamps for cable jointing works 2 nos
Hole Saw Cutters 2.nos
Torque wrinch spanner 3 nos
Ring Spanner set 4 sets
Double end Spanner set 4 sets
Chain pulley blocks of different capacity 3 nos
Hand gloves (Electrical Grade) 3 nos
Personnel protecting equipment like safety belts, shoes, goggles and safety helmets. 15 nos